Bridging electric fleets & renewable energy
for a sustainable future.

Bridging electric fleets & renewable
energy for a sustainable future.

Fleet owners, renewable energy developers and OEMs across the world use ergLocale for their electrification missions powered by software, data and IoT devices.

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Find the right projects, identify the best offer, win more customers

Your comprehensive solution for identifying and capitalizing on profitable solar, EV fleets and charging investments. Tailored for solar developers and EV solution providers.

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Optimally plan solar+storage and predict revenues

Optimal sizing, high-quality layouts and accurate revenue predictions. Comprehensive solar+storage planning

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Smartly transition to EVs and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

Manage your EV fleet with precision, backed by data, and powered by renewable energy—a smarter, sustainable approach to fleet management

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Leading proposal tool for solar & EV solutions.

The C&I energy landscape is rapidly evolving creating a pressing need for energy developers to adapt and capitalize efficiently.

Designing and proposing optimal solar, storage, EV and charging solutions often involves navigating through complex, variable factors – a task that can be daunting and time-consuming.

ergEstimate enables energy developers to quickly generate precise estimates, craft tailored proposals for solar and EV charging projects. With ergEstimate, you gain the ability to effortlessly compare different scenarios, ensuring the best financial outcomes. Maximize your project's potential and confidently approach your clients with comprehensive, well-informed proposals.
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Optimal design and accurate revenue predictions for solar+storage

As the renewable energy sector grows, the integration of solar and battery storage systems is becoming increasingly complex. A major challenge lies in the scarcity of detailed, real-world performance data, which is crucial for effective planning and operation.

Engineering teams often struggle with the absence of tools that can simulate energy output using high-frequency, high-accuracy data. This gap hinders swift decision-making and limits the potential for profitable investments.

Introducing ergCompare – the solution for advanced planning & design of hybrid renewables like solar+BESS. ergCompare leverages on high-frequency timeseries data to provide accurate optimizations for grid and private-wire connections such as the growing EV charging market. Augment your planning accuracy for large-scale solar & battery storage projects and increase profitability with ergCompare today.


Low-TCO and high-reliability EV transition

In the shift to electric vehicles (EVs), fleet operators need more than just a charging solution—they need detailed insights into every charging session and vehicle. ergOS delivers exactly that, along with the added advantage of integrating renewable energy, significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and boosting sustainability.

ergOS is more than a management platform; it's an insight generator for EV charging. You'll get in-depth data on EV usage and charging patterns, helping you make smarter, cost-effective decisions. Plus, by seamlessly incorporating renewable energy into your charging strategy, ergOS not only lowers costs but also supports your green initiatives.

With ergOS, manage your EV fleet with precision, backed by data, and powered by renewable energy—a smarter, sustainable approach to fleet management.