What we do

Our platform offers side-by-side scenario comparisons powered by real-time market data and operational analytics, providing a comprehensive toolkit for fleet owners and renewable energy developers. At ergLocale, we are more than a platform - we are your trusted partner, ensuring your decarbonization mission is driven by strategic, data-driven choices for a sustainable and successful future.

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Why We're Different

We are specialists in energy and software, committed to continuous learning, and fully dedicated to our mission. ergLocale's objective is to create the central intelligence for electric vehicles and renewable energy, enabling companies to expand energy infrastructure and electric vehicle fleets with reliability, efficiency, and speed.

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind ergLocale – a dynamic team driven by a mission to improve renewable energy and fleet electrification. Our daily commitment to inventing improved and reliable technology is fuelled by our dedication to creating a cleaner environment for everyone.

Priyanku Avatar

Priyanku Hazarika

Software Developer
Rahul Avatar

Rahul Doley

Project Engineer
Anupam Avatar

Anupam Saikia

Solutions Engineer
Janani Avatar

Janani Chandramohan

Energy Engineer
Deepjyoti Avatar

Deepjyoti Mondal

Raja Sekhar Avatar

Raja Sekhar

Sujata Mazumdar

Sujata Mazumdar

Marketing & Partnerships
Anmol Munnolli

Anmol Munnolli

Data Engineer


Data Analyst